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Despise Not Small Things

Posted by NewChapterMinistriesInc on June 3, 2014 at 3:25 PM

If you have been reading my blog long, you know that it is dedicated to those who dare start over and make a change. A time comes in our lives when we make a decision and say to ourselves that’s time for a change. This change maybe a relationship, a career, obtaining a degree, relocation, taking better care of ourselves, etc. Whatever it maybe, our mind is made up and we begin to take the necessary steps toward realizing our goal.


Often when we start over, we have to go backwards (so to speak) and begin anew. For example, you make be a powerhouse in the boardroom at work. But you have decided to change careers. Now, you’re in school starting over and going to class with people young enough to be your own children. For every goal, there is a beginning. And in beginnings, we can often become frustrated and intimidated. If we are not careful, we begin to complain by saying such things as “My business isn’t making enough money yet”, “I relocated and don’t know anyone”. “I started a new job, but I’m at the bottom again” or “I can’t find a job”. I understand these are legitimate frustrations and I have been through them. So, if this is where you are, I sympathize with you.


I write to encourage you to hang on. Trust that you have not made a mistake when you decided to start over. Don’t give up and throw in the towel yet. Persevere just a little while longer. And whatever you do, do not despise small things. It’s the little things that matter. Be thankful for what you do have and the dream that is inside you that will come to fruition. During this time, it is easy to complain. Don’t. Keep a positive grateful attitude. If you do not give up, remain faithful, and keep pulling away, in due season, you will have the harvest you are looking for.


I believe that God blesses all who does not despise small things or new beginnings just because their situation may not be glamorous. God also looks for those who are thankful where they are no matter what. Can you get to a place where you are content, even though your life is now in transition and maybe uncertain compared to before? Lastly, as we look for our endeavor to be successful, I would advise you to look for ways to be a blessing to others. We truly reap what we sow. even major corporations have this concept down. I have been employed in corporations that have entire departments that looks for ways to give back to the community. They have discovered that in attaching themselves to others, their organization will prosper. Now, you try it.



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